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Marie Simonova is a renowned fashion photographer hailing from New York. In her photo projects, Marie explores socially significant issues and defends the rights of women, individuals with disabilities and special needs, people of different ethnicity and national origin.


 "The more we see the rich dimensions of diversity on billboards and in fashion magazines, the more likely our society will develop for the better in the near future. I am certain that art has the power to make a difference."


That is why Marie has been honored with some of the most  prestigious awards in the field of photography around the world, such as International Photography Awards 2020 in the "Beauty" category, fighting for the rights of Black people. 


Beyond the awards, Marie's evocative photography projects find their way into international exhibitions and art fairs, spanning the cultural landscapes from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Her collaborations with leading fashion publications like Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Cosmopolitan, and InStyle stand as a testament to her creative prowess and enduring influence.

In addition, Marie's creative vision finds a seamless alliance with iconic brands such as Chanel. The trust they place in her artistic perspective and innate sense of style amplifies the impact of their collaborative ventures, resulting in remarkable and resonant photographic narratives.


With an unwavering dedication to reshaping perspectives and celebrating diversity, Marie Simonova continues to shape the world of fashion photography with her unique vision and transformative artistry.


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